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MIX READY Collection

These Samples have been processed by award-winning producers and engineers, ready to place into your mixes. (Does not include multiple hits for each sample)
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OTW Customs Collection

This collection includes samples of custom kick drums, snares, and toms. Includes: wavs, Drumagog, and Slate Trigger presets. Multiple hits of several velocities, also includes overhead and room samples.
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Samples of classic and signature drums that we all know. Includes: wavs, Drumagog, and Slate Trigger presets. Multiple hits of several velocities, also includes overhead and room samples.
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Our COMPLETE collection of samples, includes the OTW Classics, OTW Customs, and MIX READY sample collections. Over 4000 Samples!
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About OTW Drums

Multiple hits in multiple velocity groups, with overheads and room samples.
Check out the drums we sampled for our collections:

Ludwig '67 14x20 club date
Ludwig '65 14x22
Risen Birch 18x6x24
Risen Maple 18x22

Kansas City Drum Company Brass 5x14
Kansas City Drum Company Maple 6.5x13 w/wood hoops (20 ply)
Kansas City Drum Company Osage Orange 5.5x14 (solid shell)
Kansas City Drum Company Walnut 6x14 (solid shell)
Ludwig '67 5x14 Acrolite
Ludwig '67 5x14 Supraphonic
Ludwig 5x14 "Blackrolite" (black galaxy acrolite)
Ludwig 5x14 Classic Maple
Ludwig 5x14 Black Beauty
Ludwig 6.5x14 Black Beauty
Odery Air Control 6x14 w/wood hoops
Pearl 6.5x14 Dennis Chambers signature snare
Pearl 6.5x13 Joey Jordison signature snare
Risen Acrylic 7x14
Risen Aluminum 6x13
Risen Brass 5x13
Risen Brass 6.5x14
Risen Bubinga 5.5x14 (stave shell)
Risen Cherry/Walnut 5x14 (stave shell)
Risen Maple 6x10 (8 ply)
Risen Maple 7x12 (8 ply)
Risen Maple 5x13 (10 ply)
Risen Maple 6.5x13 Vented w/wood hoops (10 ply)
Risen Maple 4x14 (12 ply)
Risen Maple 6x14 w/wood hoops (10 ply)
Risen Maple 9x14 (10 ply)
Risen Walnut 6x14 (stave shell)
Tama 6.5x14 Starclassic G maple snare

Ludwig '67 8x12 club date
Ludwig '67 14x14 club date
Ludwig '65 floor tom 9x13
Ludwig '65 16x16
Risen Birch 6x8 rack tom
Risen Birch 7x10 rack tom
Risen Birch 8x12 rack tom
Risen Birch 11x14 floor tom
Risen Birch 13x16 floor tom
Risen Mahogany 9x13 rack tom
Risen Mahogany 16x16 floor tom
Risen Maple 7x12 rack tom
Risen Maple 11x14 floor tom
Risen Maple 13x16 floor tom
Risen Maple 14x18 floor tom

  • High Resolution

    All of our samples are provided as 16 bit/44.1khz WAVs (as well as presets for Drumagog and Slate Trigger)

  • High End Gear

    We recorded these samples in a recording studio, using high quality recording equipment, such as: API, Vintech, Universal Audio, etc.


    OTW Drums offers extreme flexibility to meet your needs. We provide you with phase-coherent overhead and room samples, multiple velocities, and several hits for each velocity group.

  • Made By Professionals

    These samples were recorded and edited by GRAMMY nominated producers, engineers, and musicians with credits ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Megadeth to Neal McCoy, and many more.


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